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Evan Greenberg
Farmingdale Branch Manager

Will My Development Be Encouraged At Schwing?

As a family owned business, your growth is our growth. From education, to career opportunities, we encourage the growth of all our employees.

Will I Be Able To Grow Within The Company?

We’re counting on it! The way we see it your continued success is our continued success.

Will My Work Be Recognized?

Absolutely. We champion the efforts that go above and beyond in their work.

Does Schwing Care About Its Employees?

We do. Balancing the needs of our employees and their families with the needs of the company is of key importance to us.

Will My Voice Be Heard?

We’re always listening, from top to bottom. We believe that everyone has something of value to say, and through open dialogue we can improve both efficiency and morale! 

Are Schwing and it's Employees Committed to Quality Work?

At Schwing, we are dedicated to giving it our all. It's no coincidence that we are the largest supply house on Long Island!

Does Scwhing Make it's Employees Feel Like Their Job is Important?

Absolutely! We take great pride in assisting our customers and providing them with their business needs!


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